DigiKrieg: CTF Platform

Promethean Info Sec is proud to announce the release of DigiKrieg. A free service for anyone who wants to host a CTF style competition. You can find the site at digikrieg.com. It's currently in beta. So go check it out, and don't be afraid to contact @zaeyx on Twitter if you find any bugs.

TALOS Updates

TALOS, our in house Active Defense framework has just received some awesome updates. I wrote a blog post which goes more in depth about the work we've done. You can view it here.


We've just recently released a Proof of Concept tool titled BROKENCOMBINE which can help your organization defend against credential harvester style attacks, while simultaneously keeping your employees from reusing their work passwords on other sites.
You can check it out here.


Promethean Info Sec has just released a new tool called "Lockdown." It functions like a digital saferoom. If someone steals your phone, or gains access to your digital life. Lockdown can quickly lock them out, saving your assets.

Check out the repo: here


Promethean Info Sec has just pushed out the alpha release of our first Security tool. This tool will be an open source Computer Network Defense Toolkit. TALOS is filled to the brim with Active Defense modules and techniques. We're pushing out our alpha release as a sort of 'call for modules' that Anyone can participate in.
Check out the repo: here

Ball and Chain

Here is a link to the conference talk I gave at Derbycon 4.0 surrounding the basic implementation of Ball and Chain. Ball and Chain gives us the ability to store passwords in a way which no attacker can gain access to. Keep watching for more developments on this subject.