About Us

The world is in trouble. The massive insecurity brought on by the advent of the information age has created a never before paralelled level of danger to society as a whole. Honestly, at this point it's starting to become surprising that things have been as relatively calm as we have seen them for the past couple of years. If we don't step up our game though, that's likely to change.

My name is Benjamin Donnelly, and I founded Promethean Info Sec with one idea in mind. We seek to democratize elite Cybersecurity tech. That is, we seek to design and build solutions to contemporary and highly complex open problems in infosec, then get them into the hands of regular IT pros in a manner that enpowers the virtual militia to defend itself adequately..

And make no mistake about it. If you work in infosec, then you are the modern day equivalent to the milita. You sit on the front lines of invisible global conflict, making decisions with widespread and lasting impact every day you come into work.

I build the muskets.